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German ZAMA Project "Settled in" Shatian

Specializing in the production and sale of small carburetors, the project will achieve an annual output value of RMB 400 million upon completion

  On September 2, 2015, the signing ceremony of the settlement of the German ZAMA Group Project in Shatian Town, Huiyang District was held in the Guest House of the District Government. Upon the completion of the Project, its annual output value will reach RMB 400 million, and its annual tax will reach about RMB 20 million. Hu Siping, Chief of the District People's Government,  attended the signing ceremony.

  It is learned that German ZAMA Group has established Guangdong ZAMA Precision Industry Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen City, and the factory equipment and staff located in Shenzhen City will be transferred to Huiyang District upon the completion of the Project in the District. The Company mainly produces and sells small carburetors and precision parts and molds, and its products are mainly exported to European and American countries, with an annual export capacity of over 15 million pieces. With more than 52% market share in the world's handheld engine carburetor market, it is a leading company in the industry.

  Located in Shatian Industrial Zone, the ZAMA project covers an area of 20,000 square meters, with a total investment of USD 50 million and a registered capital of USD 17 million. When the project is formally put into production, its annual output value is expected to reach RMB 400 million, and its annual tax will reach about RMB 20 million. (By Huang Weihong, Special Correspondent: Lin Jincheng).

Editor:wsqwj   Time:2015-09-02